Reddingsschip Aquarius loses Panamanian flag

27eb01150f733d2784fbd25096aff7b6 - Reddingsschip Aquarius loses Panamanian flag

AMSTERDAM – Panama has the registration withdrawn from the Aquarius, the ship in which Doctors without Borders and SOS Mediterranean refugee rescue in the Mediterranean Sea. That means that the ship is no longer under the Panamanian flag, sailing, confirmed a spokeswoman for Doctors without Borders.

According to the aid organization, Panama has thus a request of the Italian government, which had insisted on ’immediate action’ against the ship. The Italians had the requirement in Panama is laid down because the ship recognized refugees not returning to their countries of origin.

The aid agencies say to be shocked by the decision of Panama. They demand that other European countries, ensuring that Aquarius missions can continue, for example through the issue of a new flag.

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