Pieter Aspe scores with new book

06d5e91a47b84a2f2ee0b77a70ebdee4 - Pieter Aspe scores with new book

With the first book from his new thrillerreeks shoot Pieter Aspe (65) in less than a week right to the end of the books-top 10. No Aspe 41, but In Episode 1. “So around book 35 I got the feeling that it was,” he says in het Nieuwsblad. “The sets, the plots. In addition, I ran into my latest novels quite behind the reality. When a murder get detectives nowadays hardly to do more than one suspect to be examined and buurtonderzoek to arrange. All the rest is taken over by the technical investigation. Sometimes people do not even more at the crime scene, that is now the site of the men in white space suits.”

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