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Marianne Vos grabs in Waterloo, the victory, the women, Cant set to disappoint with a 10th place

a1addc08acb337ca7432aa1ac08698f6 - Marianne Vos grabs in Waterloo, the victory, the women, Cant set to disappoint with a 10th place

Marianne Vos (Waowdeals) has Sunday as the first world cup race in the cyclocross in the women elite, the American Waterloo, and won. The 31-year-old Dutch took the light separated from the American Ellen Noble. The Czech Katerina Nash was third. Loes Sels was with a fifth place best Belgian network for Ellen Van Loy. World champion Sanne Cant had to settle for a tenth place.

Ellen Van Loy round the best road, but was quickly surpassed by Maud Kaptheijns. Ellen Noble was followed by in her wheel among other Sophie de Boer and Marianne Vos. World champion Sanne Cant had her start slightly missed. For Marianne Vos, and thuisrijdster Ellen Noble it all went too slow. The duo accelerated and immediately hit a large gap on the rest of the suit. Behind the two beat Katerina Nash and Evie Richards take the hands together. Katherine Compton followed separated as fifth for a group with, amongst others, Sophie de Boer, Loes Sels and Ellen Van Loy. World champion Sanne Cant rode on a twelfth place.

Just for halfkoers beat Ellen Noble on the beams overkop and kept so also Marianne Vos for a while. Katerina Nash, Evie Richards and Katherine Compton approached so very quickly on the two leaders. Ellen Van Loy was, meanwhile, climbed to the sixth position with Loes Sels in her wheel. Fox and Noble kept the pace extremely high, so that the three achtervolgsters cracked and immediately knew that they would conflict for the third place. Compton made a mistake, slammed against the ground and had to sit by and watch how Richards and Nash on her way reason.

In the final lap tried Noble to get rid of Fox on a loopstrook but the Dutch fought back. Behind this duo was Nash going to attack in chase of the final podium spot. Marianne Vos put on a technical strip on the head and accelerated away from Ellen Noble. The Dutch took the light separated. The third place of Nash was no longer in danger.

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