Lindsay about heavy period around pregnancy

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Lindsay has long done to become pregnant: “It was hard, with ups and downs. I get back frights by talking about it. With my second pregnancy I lived a bit in fear. I almost went death to go to the echo to go,” said a visibly emotional Lindsay. Ann asked how Christoff it has experienced: “I knew it when she was three months pregnant and I got the question whether I, peter wanted to be. My happiness could not. Two days later the heart stopped. Heartbreaking. Also because you on the sidelines and can’t help.” Christoff added yet, a positive note to the story: “On 20 december I was in a church with a christmas concert. I stood at the back with the image of holy Rita: a great, sleek image. Rita, my paragnoste, came to me and asked Lindsay and me, what we, that image saw. Very weird, because it had exactly a pregnant belly. Alas, she said to Lindsay, that is your child that next year is going to come. In February, Lindsay received the confirmation that she is back was pregnant. Rita has that predicted on 20 december, and Lisa-Marie on 19 december, was born. And a day later I was back in that same church.”

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