Kanye West: ’Number of likes is as the length of your penis on your shirt write”

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Kanye West

“There are people who commit suicide because they don’t have enough likes. They find confirmation in a simulation”, tweeted Kanye. He called the founders of Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Instagram (Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) and Snapchat (Evan Spiegel) with him about this consultation to engage in a live-stream.

“Personally, I want to participate in social media who have the option to give the number of followers or likes will not show. The number of likes will make it public for everyone to see and judge is just as show how much money you have in the bank, or the length of your penis on your shirt write”, says the husband of Kim Kardashian.

West received a response from Snapchat ceo Ben Schwerin. “Wanted to let you know that we listen to you and be there for you. What you say, I find very powerful and accurate. We always have a service we want to build people creative could himself could express. It was never for idle statistics that define who you are or your self-esteem determine. Therefore, we have never been with likes or comments worked. I think that constantly comparing yourself to the perfect lives of others and feel like you’re in an endless popularity contest, a negative experience can be. Let me know when you want to talk about. We have a few cool ideas, ready to apply as soon as you are ready.”

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