Israel sets bedoeïenendorp deadline

34cf900440a8518c654331f9f2e87852 - Israel sets bedoeïenendorp deadline

JERUSALEM – Israel has inhabitants of bedoeïenendorp Khan al-Ahmar to October, the time given to their settlement voluntarily to dismantle. That does not happen, then the Israeli authorities themselves in action around the buildings.

Bedoeïenendorp Khan al-Ahmar.

Israel wants the approximately 180 residents of the village on the West Bank to move to a different location. The settlement would be without the proper permits have been built. Palestinian activists and several European countries, the Israeli authorities called for the village to spare.

Now, it is no answer to that call. Israeli troops shared a Sunday morning to letters from which the bedouins were pointed out on the deadline, but not all the inhabitants are planning to follow them. “We will this location does not voluntarily vacate,” said a villager.

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