Crisis strawberries with needles skipping: elsewhere copycat behavior

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AUCKLAND – A New Zealand supermarket chain has to raise the alarm after needles were found in strawberries. The fruitmerk is picked up from the shelves, reports the newspaper The New Zealand Herald. The company Countdown advises clients from Australia-sourced strawberries for the security to be cut for consumption.

Different people came up with a fright when she was a pin between the strawberries.

It is unclear whether the needles were found by an employee or customers of the supermarket. A spokeswoman for the company did not want to go into detail about the find. In the nearby Australia’s been in turmoil about needles in fruit. There messages media about a genuine,aardbeiencrisis”.

In several places in Australia, the last time needles found in the red fruit. A high representative of the association of strawberry growers talked about before , commercial terrorism” that the sector of large damage.

The authorities also received reports about needles in other fruits, such as bananas and apples. It is probably in some cases to make jokes or copycat behavior. The Australian government has announced stricter penalties for people who fruit ‘infect’.

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