China blows military agreement with US

218556c4ac9b3da8987b8d94d6ad4cdc - China blows military agreement with US

BEIJING – The Chinese government has the American ambassador in Beijing on the mat called and sets planned military agreement with the US. With the measures responding to the country on the sanctions that Washington last week on a Chinese military agency.

The American president Donald Trump and his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping in archive view.

The deferred consultation had next week should take place. The Chinese ministry of Defense said in a statement that a visit to naval Shen Jinlong to the united states prematurely terminated. The department states that the army reserves the right to take more measures to take, without about that in detail.

The U.s. sanctions are aimed against the Chinese agency that is about wapeninkopen. The sanctions related to the purchase of Russian military equipment, including fighter aircraft of the type SU-35, at wapenexporteur Rosoboronexport.

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