’Aggressive Sergio Padt picked up in the train’

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Sergio Padt

That reports the Newspaper of the North. According to the regional newspaper traveled the goalkeeper of FC Groningen, Sunday afternoon still lost to AZ, without a valid ticket and he was aggressive when the conductors serve him a fine wanted to give.


Padt began to scold, and got even out to a security guard, who in the scuffle, his watch lost would have. To prevent Padt the train would leave, this was at the height of the station Kropswolde stopped and the doors were locked, so that the police could arrive to the keeper to be in charge and take with you.

Technical director Ron Jans of FC Groningen wanted to versus Newspaper of the North are not yet at the incident address. “Before I respond, I want to know exactly what happened. For that I will be first with the parties involved to talk to and that I have not yet done.”

Police investigation

Transport organisation Arriva confirms that there is a Sunday-night incident in the train place. Arriva is doing research for violence against a representative of them, and notifies the police investigation into the incident start.

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