Afghan ex-employees angry at German army

29c89df31ca7a5079a3c25f02693d1a3 - Afghan ex-employees angry at German army

KABUL – Afghans in their own country for the German army worked, want to have permission to travel to Germany. About 120 former employees of the Bundeswehr demonstrating for weeks at a German military base in Mazar-i-Sharif to their requirement.

German soldiers in Marmal.

The Afghans say for years as guards and interpreters for the Germans to have worked. The ex-employees fear now that their lives are in danger and want to go to Germany. Their leader proposes that representatives of the German camp Marmal promises about that have not been fulfilled.

Angry ex-employees say that is not believed that they really are threatened by the Taliban. That insurgent control in Afghanistan, there are still major areas. One of the demonstrators said that the protests just continue as long until they have reached their target.

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