Viergever: without resentment against Ajax

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PSV’Nick Viergever looks forward with much pleasure to the meeting with Ajax. “I think it’s nice for everyone to see again.”

“No john, it’s not all so special. Ajax saw no future in me, and PSV should be. Simple. On social media seems to be a once or twice something bad to pass, I heard from people around me. My family was even threatened. But it’s all going to me over. I know a little how it works on social media and there you should not pay too much attention to.”

How will the Ajax-fans respond to you?

“Sporty. I have in Ajax a nice time experienced, always given everything, never had any problems and two seasons ago, a great European campaign turned. The encounters against Schalke 04 and Olympique Lyon in the ArenA as highlights. Missing out on the championship title in The County, and the miss of the Europa League final through suspension, were sporting lows.”

How special is PSV-Ajax?

“I see it as a special marquee event. AZ-Ajax was the first time after my move to Amsterdam, especially or Sparta-AZ, but that is the second time already less. The nice thing is that all my old team mates from Ajax still sit down and we both do well in the competition. It is a beautiful match to see where we, as teams, exactly.”

What is the difference between Ajax and PSV?

“It is quieter here, and everything.”

How good is Ajax?

“Those holdings – a necessary break in order to hook – Ajax stronger. They have good individual players like Ziyech and Tadic that out of nothing, creating something. A great team, but they also play a lesser duels, are in stages of matches to be vulnerable and we need to take advantage of, because they give spaces away. You saw it in the Premier league and also in the Champions League against Standard Liege and Dinamo Kiev.”

And PSV?

“If you go to our team looks, we have a mix of experienced guys, the South American mentality and talents, the realization of what is expected. And all are willing to dirty gauges for each other.”

And Lozano is the best of all of them.

“Chucky is of exceptional class. He is goal-oriented, fast, has depth, and out of nothing he gets something. But he is not the only one. Bergwijn has a individual action. You can always take advantage of it. Steven is strong in the small space and creates his own opportunities. And don’t forget Pereiro. That has so much feeling in his left leg, that he any time Lozano, Bergwijn, or The Young can hide. They need Ajax to hurt and we need to make sure that these creative guys as soon as possible to the ball in places where they are dangerous.”

What makes an impression Mark van Bommel as a coach, do you?

“You can feel smart things that he is at FC Barcelona, Bayern Munich and AC Milan has played. It is nice if you are a trainer at such a high level has played. Of the week, it was about a crossbal give, yes or no? It is the fastest ball to play, but it is also the best to be a team piece to play? No, he thinks, because you also through the full-to the left. Than should be defenders of the opponents much more. As Van Bommel says, you take it faster.”

You play at PSV subdued?

“Yes, although we as a team dominant on the ball, and this as soon as possible with the ball want to take it away. It is something offensiever than last season at PSV. With Schwaab and the midfielders Hendrix and Rosario form I have a block that the control monitors and is responsible for the defensive organisation. In the build we are playing, worshiping, and dribbling hardly in because the two backs as offensive play. I had a moment in that role grow, but you will notice that everything is becoming more and more an automatism. We sit at PSV I think eighty percent. In the meantime, it is repeat and repeat on the way to one hundred percent.”

How do you take the Marc Overmars blame that he no contract extension was offered after a transfer to VfB Stuttgart held back?

“I don’t blame him. That are choices. When I had it really hard. Ajax wanted my contract not renew, but me also not to lose. That was a strange situation. We’ve talked about it, but at some point you have to go through. Unfortunately, I became injured. The lack of transfer was sin. Ajax could still receive a nice sum and they saw in the long term no future in me. Where that was? That you would to them. Apparently, they found others better.”

What was the deciding factor in your choice to stay in the Netherlands and at PSV to sign?

“PSV actually came very unexpectedly in the winter. I was with the foreign country concerned, but which clubs hooked, because I was injured. That’s why I went to the call with Marcel Brands, and that was good. I had been at Ajax want to stay if there is a plan for, but that was not there. PSV gave a good feeling.”

But in fact, you can put your now to down that you will never be in abroad.

“Not at all even. If I have a good year turn at PSV, I can always way. And if I stay here, fine. But I do have the ambition to be a good season to put down and you never know what will happen.”

You fear if suddenly the trainer and the technical director to leave?

“Marcel Brands had I would have expected, but Phillip Cocu. But the beauty of PSV is that it also just stays calm. And yet it was already the plan to Van Bommel ever. That is now a year previously happened.”

But saw Van Bommel directly in you?

“I had not spoken with him. That actually happened during the training camp in preparation. The role of Cocu and Van Bommel for me for eyes were the same.”

Do you have by the last years of resentment towards Ajax?

“No, no, no, not at all. I like everyone to see again.”

If Klaas-Jan Huntelaar plays, be that fun duels…

“Sure! It is easy to have our friendship for even a moment off. I know he is always hard starts and his tricks. I must ensure that I do not press.”


“Occasionally a elleboogje here and a little there. But Klaas is just a good boy. We have a lot trained, and that makes it very special.”

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