Two tiger sharks killed after attack Australia

b17c37faa4a3cb75279afd2fe6ed32e1 - Two tiger sharks killed after attack Australia

BRISBANE – The Australian authorities have two tiger sharks killed after tourists were bitten in the Whitsunday islands. It is unclear whether these animals also were responsible for the attacks, a 46-year-old tourist from Tasmania, and a twelve-year-old schoolgirl, message broadcaster ABC.

In the waters of the beautiful Cid Harbour swim is not only toerisen, but also tiger sharks.

The two victims survived the attacks this week, barely. They were within 24 hours of each other bitten and lost a lot of blood. That happened while the women on the swim, were in the paradise in Cid Harbour.

The tiger shark is not the largest haaiensoort, but can be aggressive.

The authorities placed then special haaienvallen, which consist of a hook with bait. The two killed animals hapten within five minutes of each other. One of the tiger sharks was 2 meters long, the other is 3.3 metres. Researchers are still looking at the stomach contents of the animals.

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