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Twitter sent private messages accidentally to third parties

8e1ffa614c6929cb1e10d4171dfb8bee - Twitter sent private messages accidentally to third parties

By a programming error in Twitter privéberichtjes of users accidentally came into the hands of others. The error has more than a year in the system sat.

It was a bug in the service which allows external programmers, the content of Twitter can access. Normally, they will get no access to the private messages, but an error could happen, for example, that messages that were directed to customer care of companies, such as an airline, to any third party without the containers.

Twitter has excused but gives no numbers of affected users, and says vaagweg that less than 1 percent. That is still almost 3.5 million people, know the NOS that the story came out. Or there fellow citizens when are not known. The affected users will get a notification once they log in.

The company emphasizes that the problem only occurred when a certain combination of factors and that the bug is immediately solved when engineers figured out. Twitter says that research has shown that there is no misuse of the data.

In may, hit Twitter yet alarm as passwords from accounts accidentally as text in an internal log file had ended up in.

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