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‘Spaceman’ of Kommil Foo at the top of Low List of countries by 2018

bf5001d509196adeada856d9e5487d3f - ‘Spaceman’ of Kommil Foo at the top of Low List of countries by 2018

‘Spaceman’ of Kommil Foo topt the third edition of the Low Countries. The listeners of Radio 1 and three regional broadcasters of the Netherlands (Omroep Brabant, Limburg L1 and Omroep Zeeland) voted the song of the brothers Raf and Mich Walschaerts Saturday to the first place.

The Low Countries is a top 100 with the best Dutch-language songs since 1945 by the listeners via an online vote is determined.

‘Spaceman’ got it ‘Ploegsteert’ of The Sixth Metal, number 1, 2017, and newcomer Zouteland’ of the Dutch band BLØF with Geike Arnaert.

‘Spaceman’ was released in 2002 as a previously unremarkable song on the album ‘in Praise Of Madness’, but is now a classic. That will also learn the advance of the number in the list: 29th (in 2016, 3rd in 2017, 1st in 2018.

The third Low Countries was between 9 and 18 hour broadcast from Zoutelande in Zeeland, during the marathonuitzending mixed Belgian-Dutch news bulletins and even traffic information.

The top 10 (in parentheses position in 2017):

1. (3) Astronaut – Kommil Foo;

2. (1) Ploegsteert – The Sixth Metal;

3. (-) Zoutelande – BLØF feat. Geike Arnaert;

4. (28) As she laughs – Yevgueni;

5. (2) Pastorale – Ramses Shaffy & Liesbeth List;

6. (10) The village – Wim Sonneveld;

7. (18) Tim – Wim The Government;

8. (9) iedereen is van de wereld – The Scene;

9. (7) Mia – Gorki;

10. (6) Two girls – Raymond van het Groenewoud

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