Soy Crown goes with the Abba-musical, the depth in

ab2e245a07b8f8727e4cbcc5f5c361e2 - Soy Crown goes with the Abba-musical, the depth in

“Until the premiere, you can in principle still change everything,” he explains. “You talk with the director, discuss whether you have certain accents are different. And it is so important to see how the public reacts to certain scenes. Only with a full room it is really obvious which jokes or scenes or may not work. Definitely comedic timing, listen very closely.”

In collaboration with the British filmmaker sought out Crown to the “honest romantic” in his Sky. “I have the role more his own; I now feel much more at ease than during the first try-out. It is very nice if you are on the stage every evening to just enjoy it, rather than you secretly worry about your text or what movements you when to make.” How magnified all the characters are also played, everyone in the audience recognizes itself in one or two of the reels. “That familiarity makes people very quick to go along in the presentation.”


Itself holds Crown for most of the serious songs of Abba. “Songs like The winner takes it all Knowing me, knowing you best the depth; that touch me actually every night”, he confesses. “With those songs called Abba in the seventies also real limits; things like divorce was something he rather not talked about. And then came the most popular group in the world suddenly with a song about that topic. Abba was truly not only live the fun where they will always be associated with it.”

The actor is eight shows a week on stage; that he holds only as he himself stringent restrictions imposed by. “Especially in such a heavy period I will not drink and I’m actually not.” What certainly helps is the positive energy that the play of Mamma Mia! each evening generates. “It gives so much satisfaction when you get to the end of the evening, the men dancing on the chairs to see that at the beginning of the performance still clearly showed there is no sense to have because they necessarily had to their wives.”

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