Q3 remains a dream for Klaasje, Hanne and Marthe

369d1fe35b01c96558d56ce5fc096ed2 - Q3 remains a dream for Klaasje, Hanne and Marthe

Q3 comes on the word Hello, the attachment of The Interest of the province Of Limburg. There they ask them or Q3 after three years is still a dream. “Yes, but it was also our job”, says Klaasje. “I think that people also understand that. K3 is a dream, but there is also one for which you have to work hard. Everyone with a job knows that sometimes it can be exhausting. That is also so. Only I find that we are thankful that our this happens. Every time on stage must sing for enthusiastic children, an audience that is very honest in his opinion, is the most beautiful thing there is. They are so sincere and happy when they see us. Each and every time. Even as children, me in the supermarket, identify and a photo, turn my heart on. So in those moments, K3 is again a dream.”

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