Mourinho gets off to private players

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José Mourinho berates the institution of his players.

“We started bad and we started both halves with a low intensity. It’s hard to win games when you’re not there,” said Mourinho, who with his team to three away games in a row has won. On Wednesday it was in Switzerland, Young Boys in the Champions League with 3-0.

“I can see the difference in attitude is not explained, because I never was a difference in attitude I’ve had. For me, it is difficult to explain this. We won three matches on foreign soil, we came back with a good feeling and was recovered.”

Mourinho frustrated by the new loss of points, note against on paper lesser opponent. “It is a fundamental law of football that you are at the maximum of your potential to play. Unless you are in such a weak league playing against such weak opponents, that play with 30 per cent of your capabilities enough. We all know that this is not the case in the Premier League.”

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