Ellie Lust: ’Police sent to hassle’

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Ellie Lust

Lust was by the police, given a choice; she had to make her television work, specify when the police wanted to continue to work. “I would agreements have not been fulfilled. Then it went there, for example, about I a times at the Boulevard at the desk stood. In my own time, in citizen. And we talked about Who is the Mole?, which, of course, I had received permission.” Also other things that they did outside of work with the police and the television, were criticized. “I have read with Woezel and Pip, I had also not allowed to do. A friend of mine had a book launch on the canal. I was only in my break to stop by to congratulate him and a kiss, we went on a photo with the two of us. That was also picked up, I had also not allowed to do.”

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Lust think the politieleiding in her program, Ellie was on patrol the response noticed her for the block to convert. “What there is, I think, has happened – that is a bit scenariodenken, but we are well in to the police – is that in the period at the end of last when I was away for the shots of Ellie on patrol, about me, spoken:” What we need to with Ellie Lust?’ One has apparently said: “this can so not longer.’

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Jean, a Frenchman, main communication of the Amsterdam police, said in a response against the newspaper het Parool that she is working as a spokesperson was incompatible with her televisieloopbaan. They would, according to him, all the pictures of Ellie on patrol for the choice have been made: her job as a politiewoordvoerder or work for the tv. “That was also the time and energy to make a once can spend. Was its primary task of her neventaak or her neventaak its primary task? She has chosen for her television career. That is, what concerns us. More there is not to the hand.” According to the Frenchman’s Lust not sent away. “Hair is also terugkeergarantie offered, but they choose themselves to the police, finally leaving.”

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