Ellie Lust has no regret of television career

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Ellie Lust

“How much I also of the police hold, I would not have missed,” says Lust Saturday, in conversation with The newspaper het Parool. “It is exciting, now I’m going to do is really stand on his own legs. I have no contract with the tv or something. I must have commands now.”

’A great gift’

As spokesperson, she was regularly seen in news and investigation programme, and did they contribute to Who is the Mole? and they presented this year Ellie was on Patrol. “That was never my goal”, she responds. “When I Who is the Mole? join in, I was awake: they are going to me horrible with my dominant, annoying head, with that walkie-talkies, tell you how it all should be. (…) I had never imagined that I would get that fit me like a glove. That I was so embraced by the outside world. I think that is a fantastic gift.”

But how beautiful the experience was, it also made sure that Lust by the politieleiding was forced to make a choice between her television and politiecarrière. “I find that the combined could be,” she concludes. “As the organization says,” El, we feel that this is a little out of balance it becomes,’ let’s talk about how we balance. That was also in the olympics?”

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The 52-year-old Lust was, since 1987, working with the police. Since 2007, she was also the spokesperson. In addition, she founded Pink in Blue, the network for gay police officers. It is not yet known what Lust right in front of the television is going to do, but a spokesman for AVROTROS has to know that they are programs for the broadcaster.

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