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Dick Advocaat

,,He is very clearly against the players and against everyone. Lawyer says just exactly what he wants”, has Oussama Tannane experienced.

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Lawyer surprised with the choice for Dessers

The voice of the Lawyer echoed this week relentlessly on the training ground. ,,It is that he is very honest and very direct. I love it, however,” says Timo Letschert. ,,In the team everyone knows immediately where the on state. I find it funny. Then he makes such a sharp note to someone… Some guys are so totally not used to it. Then you will see they look… I can really enjoy it.”

Lawyer was surprised to seen how mak FC Utrecht played against FC Emmen. ,,The trainer, the group tries to touch, to excite, because everyone can see that it is too languid was,” acknowledges Letschert. ,,As Dick Advocaat to one thing a hate is the gezapigheid. The first thing it must come, is a little gif and aggressiveness.”

Also in terms of tactics, let the new trainer direct apply. Lawyer throws the 4-4-2 system, a relic from the era-At the Hag overboard, and opt for a 4-3-3 with Cyriel Dessers in the striker Oussama Tannane and Gyrano Church on the flanks. He attaches much value to a good organization. As he himself says: ‘Jantje will need to know what Lizzy does.’ He pushes a few basic things in,” says Letschert.

,,I found that the focus is not really able to cope with the way of playing. Tannane and Church are 4-3-3 players”, explains a Lawyer. ,,You should if trainers, no gimmicks tricks and recognizable play. We go something else to play football, because I think that for these players better.”

Sean Klaiber will find it somewhere it’s unfortunate that FC Utrecht to a different system upgrade. ,,It was a system, which in the Netherlands is not common, and many clubs had trouble with it. But that set up was also a bit more what to at Hag heard. That was so in our capacity, that it just ran. It was also a strength of our. That you loose, but of course it is true that a lot of guys who were accustomed to that system is gone and that there is a lot of new players are.”

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