Chinese parents attract children to the city

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SHANGHAI – Wang Fuman in Chinese media known as the IJsjongen. With frosted in his hair and his cheeks red from the freezing cold, he ran last winter to school. Wang is but one of the 60 million children living in poverty in the Chinese countryside left behind, when their parents in the city to go to work.

Wang Fuman attracted Chinese media a discussion about poverty in the countryside.

On the Day of the Teacher was Jack Ma, a former English teacher and founder of online winkelgigant Alibaba, 54 years of age. He pulls himself back as ceo and will focus on education. Earlier this year he announced that he wants to push for more boarding schools, and more reliable school buses. Ma also called for other members of the senior management in order to contribute to the plattelandsonderwijs to improve.

That is much needed. Children sleeping at grandparents, or in a boarding school. Often they have to but see how they arrive at school. From the city send parents school fees. But bitterness is sitting in a small corner; sometimes there is no work or touch one of the parents of despondency to the drink.

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The Chinese government went a couple of years ago, about to scale in education. Of the 510 thousand dorpsschooltjes that in 2001, there were in 2010, only 230 thousand. At that time lived 78 percent of school-age children in the countryside. A large majority of them, the high school, according to research conducted by the Rural Education Action Project (REAP).


Jack Ma has a file to address where he has his teeth in. The remaining children are the drain of the policies of the Chinese government, and also one of the largest hoofdpijndossiers. Regularly diving stories about children who Chinese media ’brave’ or ’persistent’, but whose situation is still very distressing.

Country boy Xiaochangjiang (7) traveled with an uncle to the city of Qingdao. Because he did not to school, he went to work as a courier. The also seven-year-old Miao Miao sitting on the passenger seat next to her mother, who as a courier for a van in Hangzhou drives.

Wang Fuman during a rare meal together in the city living parents.

Miao Miao’s older brother remained behind in the village, three hours drive away. He treated his parents like strangers ” when they came to visit him, tells his mother in Chinese media. That will make them their daughter did not happen.

It can also end wrong. In 2012 were killed five boys, between 9 and 13 years old, in a dumpster when she was there a fire and wanted the fire to stay warm. Four other children committed in 2015, suicide by pesticide to drink. In both cases, parents were migrant workers.

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Grandparents are often not able to raise children and bring them to the school. Poverty and misery continues in China traditionally within the family, but the government put more social workers in to the grandparents to help.

Education buy

It is not greed for money that parents encourage their children to leave. The swift urbanization and the economy, especially in the city grows, let their be no other choice. With money they try to give enough education for their child to buy, so that later can be maintained.

In the mountains of the province of Yunnan walk ijsjongen Wang Fuman 4.5 miles this winter to school in a warm winter coat. Donations flooded the village after the picture of Wang was spent on the Chinese internet. But as Wang, there are many. The abandoned children can the help of Jack Ma to good use.

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