China wants sanctions and the US table

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BEIJING – The Chinese ministry of Defense requires that U.s. sanctions against a Chinese military agency be deleted. That does not happen, then the United States since “the consequences of encounter”.

Fighter aircraft model Sukhoi SU-35 Russian-made.

Washington proposed last week sanctions against the Chinese agency that is about wapeninkopen and the director of that service. The sanctions are related to the purchase of Russian military equipment, including fighter aircraft of the type SU-35, at wapenexporteur Rosoboronexport.

The Chinese broke with the purchase of the U.s. sanctions against Russia. The Chinese Defense ministry now says that the US “have no right” to interfere with such a ‘normal’ form of military cooperation.

The relationship between Beijing and Washington was already under pressure by the trade war between the two superpowers. Insiders said previously at news agency Bloomberg that China planned trade negotiations with the USA has been cancelled. That would be more associated with the American punitive measures against the Chinese military agency.

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