Cards Jochem Myjer fast sold out

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Jochem Myjer

For Myjer is a milestone: never before has he so long consecutively played in Carré, a decision which he took to as many people as possible the chance to give a show to visit. Manager Robert-Jan Veen: “This has exceeded all expectations.”

On social media there was a lot of fuss about the long queue and the quick sell out of such a large amount of cards. According to Peat, it was not the system but the huge demand for tickets. According to him, were there for 10 hours, 55,000 people logged in to the 50,000 cards to get. “In 3 hours time were all those 50.000 cards,” says Veen. There is then still decided to places with restricted view available for sale. But still has a large number of people, no tickets managed to get hold of, simply because there was a great demand.

For the people out there these times can’t be, there is hope. According to Peat is Myjer in conversation with Carré for more shows to play. That does not happen in the short term, by the calendar full of Carré, but the possibility is there.

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