Bert ‘biker boy’ Huysentruyt next victim of Moses?

fa7a4cb416976958e143b8789e77d0e4 - Bert 'biker boy' Huysentruyt next victim of Moses?

In the third episode of 13 Commandments on Monday, september 24th, was the guest star to play o.a. Bert Huysentruyt (Sense of Tumor, The Infiltrator, The Broken Circle Breakdown, and one of the biker boys in the, How Shall I Say this?,…) and Ludo Hoogmartens (Aspe, Amateurs, The Sons of Of Axis,…). The second episode held more than half a million viewers (512.283; live +3), good for a market share of 28.5% (VVA 18-54), in the ban.

Bert Huysentruyt, threatening the next victim of ‘Moses’, the seriemisdadiger at work and the team of the Federal judicial police, challenges. They had already guessed that one and the same criminal is at work, and in the meantime already two victims, but certainty they had until now not yet. Now they see their fear, however, confirmed when the perpetrators themselves via e-mail to contact the police. And it doesn’t stop. He will send also photos of three future victims. The third commandment as ‘Holy the Lord’s day’ is their only clue. Liesbet (Karlijn Sileghem), Peter (Dirk Van Dijck) and Vicky (Marie Vinck) have two days time to find out who the potential victims are, how they the third commandment to have been violated, and to warn them about the looming danger.

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