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Belgian Cats for the first time at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS: “Japan top, Spain favorite. Puerto Rico should we knock”

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Again a first, after the bronze last year at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, the Belgian Cats. It is the first time that the Belgian basketball on a CHAMPIONSHIP sparkles. “We are going for a place in the top 8,” says coach Philip Mestdagh, that the opponents ‘ analyses.

1. Puerto Rico (world ranking 22): “American trained’

The Belgian Cats are open today at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS against Puerto Rico. “Against the number 22 of the world ranking is a win is a must. That may sound un-Belgian, but we can against this country will not defeat afford. They are indeed higher on the world ranking than the Cats (28). Because we on the one hand, between 2007 and 2017 never been on a EK of the party were, and, on the other hand never participated in a world CHAMPIONSHIP or olympic play is that rankings do not measure of value. The past three years has proven that we European with the top pan. Our oefencampagne was top and the injured duo of Ann Wauters and Emma Meesseman is fit. Our preparation ended against South American Argentina was perfect in the direction of the match of today against Puerto Rico. They are strong inside and count a few American-trained players. Versus Allison Gibson and Cara Cortijo and co. it remains so pay attention.”

2. Japan (world ranking 13): ‘To the surprise of the CHAMPIONSHIP”

“The Asian champion wants to be the surprise of the CHAMPIONSHIP. Japan is in full build-up towards the olympics of 2020 in their own country. The budget is huge and the possibilities are unlimited. They are already some months this world cup to prepare for. Their friendly matches against Spain (narrowly losing after extra time), Australia and the Americas were strong. They are not big, but fast, and can this pace for an entire match to continue. They score triples to the current band. Our length play is an option, but we will be primarily defensive from the first second of the lesson.”

3. Spain (world ranking 2) “Favorite, which is not allowed to fail in their own country”

“Vice-world champion, European champion and the latest games in Rio good for silver behind the unbeatable America. More introduction this team is not needed. We know them also well, trained last year, twice against them in Wevelgem and a few weeks ago and again in Valencia. Alba Torrens is the world’s best play better for their country than the Russian topploeg Ekaterinburg. The veteran Laia Palau is also back with a vengeance. I also do not believe in the fact that Spain is in our group not first want to be in a possible semi-final America to avoid. I think especially not to a gift from Spain next week Tuesday in the final group competition. Let us start with win against Puerto Rico and Sunday confirm against Japan. Spain is obviously the favourite in our group, and even for a place in the final.”

Formula world CHAMPIONSHIPS of basketball in Tenerife

Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday will be in the four pools and four days the three group matches of the world cup in Tenerife disputed. The group champion is placed directly for the quarterfinals, who last ends have to go home. The second and third of the pools are posted for the barrages which the winner also qualified for the quarter-finals. If Belgium is the second or third ends met in the jump-off, an opponent from group D. America will that group be win and then the adversary Latvia, China or Senegal. (cpm)

Selection Of Belgian Cats: Carpréaux, Allemand, Vanloo, H. Mestdagh, Delaere, K. Mestdagh, Nauwelaers, Raman, Linskens, Meesseman, Wauters, Nahwezi-Gang

Program Belgian Cats first round, pool C:

Saturday 21.30 Belgium-Puerto Rico

23/09 14.30 Belgium-Japan

25/09 21.00 Belgium-Spain

Group A: Korea, Greece, Canada, France

Pool B: Australia, Turkey, Argentina, Nigeria

Group D: Latvia, America, Senegal, China

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