Tommie Christiaan already new love

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Tommie Christiaan seems to have been about his heartbreak to his

He was seen in Amsterdam with Jamie Dors, during a friendly drink, reports News. According to people at the Japanese restaurant was there later in the evening, passionately kissed. They would be all together more have been spotted, among other things, in Zoetermeer. Jamie played last year with a starring role in his clip When I saw you – a role, as its flame – where it also already pretty intense”. According to the management of the two they would do it slowly.

In announcing the end of his relationship with Michelle at the beginning of september, let Tommie know that both are very sad of the news were and emotional weeks back. “Sometimes when you love someone, you have that person let go,” he wrote on Instagram. Also wanted both of them especially for Lily (5) and, therefore, he asked to rest.

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