Theresa May: ‘Negotiations about Brexit are in deadlock’

At a special press conference to repeat the British prime minister that she holds on to her Brexit plan. The deadlock between the EU and the British government is gradually becoming complete.

European leaders sent Theresa May yesterday empty-handed. Her plan for the future relationship between the United Kingdom, they find unworkable. European president Donald Tusk said that the proposals May not be acceptable because they are the integrity of the single market may undermine’. However, free movement of goods but not of services and persons to take over, is impossible.

May was given the assignment to with a new proposal. But that want May not. That she repeated yesterday at a special press conference in 10 Downing Street. She maintains that the EU is to with an alternative. That they are so fast the media to look up to, especially that the negotiations gradually in a deadlock which also May no way out.

They can also be difficult to move. Any deal must be approved in the house of Commons. It is as good as certain that a group of hard Brexiteers that aid does not want to give, and certainly not if they are additional concessions to Europe.

‘No agreement is better than bad deal’

She must then rely on support from Labour? May even prefer death. A Brexit where she depends on the support of Labour is not a pleasant prospect. It leads almost certainly to a split-up of her Conservative Party. Therefore, it seems they are becoming more willing the risk of a Brexit without agreeing to take. ‘No agreement is better than a bad deal’, she repeated.

The negotiations are in any case toxic. The British newspapers were also unanimous. The European leaders the Uk prime minister humiliated. The Sun had the about ” EU-gangsters who May have had menaced, but also the more calm and collected Times was hard for Europe. Political commentator Iain Martin wrote that it is bc of May the divisions in the EU about migration attempts to conceal. “It is a terrible organization and we should be happy that we left it’.

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