’Roel van Velzen jealous at the Talent Academy’

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Roel van Velzen

“I was very happy. I think it’s a feelgoodprogramma become. As a viewer, you are included in someone’s story,” says Roel. “There are a lot of talent. What The Talent Project sets it apart from all other shows is that viewers candidates really know and see how they themselves want to engage in a hundred days.”

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Caro Emerald, Roel van Velzen and Chantal Janzen together form the jury of the show. Unlike The Voice of Holland and Idols go candidates from The Talent Project twice to audition in one episode. In each item, get the viewers in no time to see what the talents in between, in one hundred days have learned the Talent Project Academy. Roel: “That is unique to The Talent Project. In one episode you get in a minute or eight to see everything, up to and including the second audition.”

At the Talent Project Academy’s work fourteen professionals one-hundred-day long with the talents that the jury be chosen for their singing talent to develop. The coaches teach in ten different subjects. Roel: “I’m jealous of the people of the academy. They do it so well. They’re not for themselves. They are there to make the best of the talents. I would also have much to learn.”

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