Rick Brandsteder is committed for seriously ill children

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Rick Brandsteder

Brandsteder was shocked when he first heard about metabolic diseases. “I didn’t know that so many families here, daily struggling,” says Rick. “And that even one of the largest causes of death among children in the Netherlands. That has me totally surprised.”

It grabbed him that this is just in the Netherlands, while only a few people there from seem to know. “Metabolic diseases are still unknown. When I to friends and acquaintances told them about my ambassadorship, knew almost no one where I was talking about. Since I of the existence of these children know, I feel I’m called to me for them to convert. As a well-known person, I can hopefully help to bring it under the attention.”

As ambassador, Rick is active around the VriendenLoterij PrijzenMarathon, he goes to join the Obstacle Race on the 18th of november in Amsterdam and will he the subject regularly to raise in the media. “I want to ensure that the entire country metabolic diseases know. And that we, together, our shoulders underneath it to all these children and their families to help.”

Stichting Metakids funds research to metabolic diseases are treatable. A lot of metakids pick up their first birthday, while others have lifelong, physically and mentally limited touching. Doctors expect that with sufficient money for essential research within 30 years virtually all the metabolic diseases are treatable, and not a single child in this need to die.

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