New “Space Jam” in the works with LeBron James in the starring role

ea408d144ad98bf120b3c504dfa65bf3 - New "Space Jam" in the works with LeBron James in the starring role

Good news from Hollywood: nothing seems to be a sequel to “Space Jam” to stand in the way. “Space Jam 2” would not this time rely on the services of Michael Jordan, but that basketbalsuperster Lebron James. The team behind “Black Panther” would be the production.

In the cartoon of 1996, the basketball legend Michael Jordan with the Looney Tunes against a team of alien monsters. The picture was a huge blockbuster. All years there is also a lot of rumours about a sequel and now it seems finally to be.

The team around “Space Jam 2” is formed. That left still, LeBron James believe. The current superstar of the NBA moved this summer from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers, near Hollywood. That would be the last obstacles can be removed. The production of the print will be in the hands of Ryan Coogler. He directed the hugely popular superheldenfilm “Black Panther”.

“The ‘Space Jam’-collaboration is so much more than just Looney Tunes and I get together and make a film”, said James to The Hollywood Reporter. “I hope that children through it to understand how strong they feel and how strong they can be when they have their dreams not to give up. And I think Ryan (Coogler) did the same for a lot of people with Black Panther.”

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