’Minister wanted chaos by Trump include

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WASHINGTON – The U.s. under-secretary of Justice, and Rod Rosenstein, according to The New York Times to employees of his department, and the FBI proposed secret pictures of the chaos that under a president Donald Trump at the White House would rule. Rosenstein would be the material want to come to the end of Trump.

Rod Rosenstein.

The New York Times reported based on anonymous sources that Rosenstein in the spring of 2017 with his proposal. He was only two weeks in office and played a key role in the dismissal of FBI chief James Comey. In a memorandum had Rosenstein explained that Comey not on their own should have had to disclose that Hillary Clinton should not be prosecuted for the shoddy handling e-mails. Later Rosenstein have the feeling that he is in the case of Comey for the trolley Trump had tensed.

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