’Medefinalist Glennis Grace picked up’

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Audience favorite Michael Ketterer at America’s Got Talent

Ketterer ended last Wednesday as the fifth ended in America’s Got Talent. A day after the final, he came into contact with the police. He was, according to TMZ arrested for domestic violence. Politiebronnen say that Ketterer got into fights with his wife and that he has beaten. Agents found her without injury, though she had a visible red stain on her body.

According to Ketterer, the arrest a misunderstanding. He gives against TMZ that he had a fight and the police were called, but that his wife no complaint has been submitted. The singer was nonetheless arrested. He was later released on bail.

Ketterer was one of the competitors of the Dutch singer Glennis Grace in the finale of America’s Got Talent. They ended not with the last five. He got an offer from music producer Garth Brooks to work together.

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