Kristen Bell is under fire for wietgebruik

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Kristen Bell

The The Good Place-the actress spoke about her softdrugsgebruik in the podcast of Marc Maron. “It bothers him not,” she said about Dax. Anyway, spoke to a lot of people on social media their disapproval. Also The Talk a a tweet. “Kristen Bell vapet weed where Dax Shepard is, even though he is afgekickt. If you was, could you from your partner expect?”

Dax decided on his own to respond, and hnet to take for his wife. “That would be the same as when you have diabetes and you your partner expects that he will never make a dessert. Do normal!”

Earlier this month praised Kristen Dax is still in its fourteen-year anniversary without alcohol or drugs. “I know how much you enjoyed it to use. I know how your break went. And I know, because I’ve seen how hard you’ve worked to get there without life. I will always be amazed to remain your dedication.”

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