‘Hitler and Lenin,” will the mayor be

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YUNGAR – The fight for the mandate in the district Yungar, Peru is between two candidates who are named after historical figures that have nothing ophadden with democracy. In the ballot, of 7 October, Hitler Alba Sánchez on Lenin Vladimir Rodríguez Valverde.

Candidate Hitler takes on Lenin

Against the Peruvian radio station RPP said Alba Sánchez that his father him to the former German dictator had called without that he was aware of the role of Hitler in the history of the world has played. The candidate mayor has considered his name to change, but he saw there eventually, because he is his father did not want to hurt.

Alba Sánchez was between 2011 and 2014 is already mayor of Yungar. His opponent Lenin Vladimir Rodríguez Valverde is new in Peruvian politics.

In the Andes located Yungar has approximately 3000 inhabitants.

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