Greece gets 2000 migrants of Lesvos

d98e01a81a3dceb9baddf8e2d406813c - Greece gets 2000 migrants of Lesvos

ATHENS – Greece is going to 2000 migrants a shelter on the island of Lesvos for the end of the month to transfer to the mainland. The shelter Moria offers space for 2000 to 3000 refugees, but according to figures from the Greek government there are now about 9000 people.

UN children’s fund (UNICEF struck Friday alarm about the situation in Moria and other shelters for migrants in Greece. Many of the children have major psychological problems and run the risk of becoming a victim of violence. According to the organization, there arrive per month, an average of 850 children in the Greek islands. In total there are approximately 20.500 migrants. Most come from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Last month, the UN refugee organisation UNHCR is already the noodkok about the situation in the camps on the islands. A spokesman of the organization repte of poor sanitation, fights between frustrated groups and a growing number of cases of sexual abuse.

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