Gert Verhulst with the hands in the hair

4dbdc02398d88d55ceda1b67982283d4 - Gert Verhulst with the hands in the hair

The week of Gert late Night nite Thursday night is atypical for Gert Verhulst was at the end of the program are confused, and forgot even to talk to the viewers. The reason is the fact that Gert next week may go bald on tv. Gert dropped by Peter Van de Veire convince to the game “What is the opportunity?” to play. Doing so say two people at a particular time along a number between 1 and 10. If both persons are the same number, say, then the person who the challenge, the challenge run. The chance is rather small that two people of the same number say and so decided Gert Verhulst to play the game. “I say, Gert, what is the probability that you are tonight you’re her afscheert?”, asked Peter. Gert saw that not to happen, and chose the number 1. Ian Thomas was the referee and counted professional of 3 to 1. Both Gert as Peter said 5 and so must be off his hair. That saw the presenter, however, not to sit, and he soon went back to the order of the day but as Peter Van de Veire somewhere his teeth into, he then goes on to make. Behind the scenes it was a tondeuze feeds but Gert didn’t respond to that. “I suggest that the people Monday just watching Gert Late Night and see if it happened. See Monday, you know that I am a man of my word ben,” concludes Gert. Seems to us the small chance that Gert his hair will shave but Gert is always in for a joke and would Monday be a make-up artist daring to turn on.

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