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Dutch actress, Sjoukje Hooymaayer died

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The Dutch actress, Sjoukje Hooymaayer is at the age of 78 died. That has a theatre producer and former colleague Hans Cornelissen Friday on behalf of the family announced. Hooymaayer is best known for her role as a gp, Lydie, van der Ploeg in the popular VARA comedy Said ‘ns aaa.

“They felt supported by so many people. All the cards and flowers they received on the occasion of her illness, and her farewell of the stage were a mix of amazement and joy receive, ” says Cornelissen, who also Say ‘ ns aaa played.

The actress died as a result of ovarian cancer. A few months ago she played a role in the musical My fair lady.

Hooymayer played William Shakespeare, Botho Strauss, and other writers of great toneelrepertoire, but really a national celebrity she became the charming, compassionate and chaotic doctor Lydie van der Ploeg in Say ‘ns aaa. The razendpopulaire sitcom experienced between 1981 to 1993 more than two hundred episodes at VARA. There was actually nobody who never watched the adventures of the doctor and her noisy housekeeper Mien Die (Carry Tefsen).

Not in a box

Sjoukje Hooymaayer (Laren, 27 July 1940) did in 1965 school-leaving examination at the school. They immediately received a contract with the Arnhem-based theatre group Theatre, where she remained until she went freelance and teaching. She won in 1974 a Colombina in the guard with her portrayal of Butler in Tiny Alice by Edward Albee. Zeg ‘ns aaa , made them in 1984 could share in the joy of obtaining the kijkersprijs Golden Televizier-Ring.

Hooymaayer did not fit in a box: comedy and drama, modern and classical drama, everything she did. Furthermore, she was involved in a few liedjesprogramma: a singer Miel Cools, and with songs of Boris Vian, it is performed by André van den Heuvel.

It was the current theatre producer Hans Cornelissen, who Say ‘ns aaa her son Gert Jan played her in 2017 asked for his version of the musical My fair lady. They went like in on the offer to be the mother of the protagonist, professor Henry Higgins to play, twelve years after they hit the shelves had been. But in april 2018 had the same Cornelissen disclose that Sjoukje was suffering from advanced ovarian cancer.

She hoped still to play, she said. “I want to be absolutely, as it goes, back on stage to the fullest to enjoy the interaction with the audience and my colleagues. Because that experience will give you energy and joie de vivre. Life should be lived and to be celebrated.’ They made it where, and then turned briefly back in My fair lady.

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