Disney pauses Star Wars movies

80b219b2ae43162737ea104e77a63e18 - Disney pauses Star Wars movies

The disappointing results of Solo: A Star Wars Story this spring were by a lot of critics explained by a saturation under the fans, which in two and a half years and four films from the franchise were presented. Iger gives them equal. “I have the decision made about timing, and I think I got the error I’ve gone through too much, too soon.”

The company puts the brake on the films from a galaxy far, far away.” Iger: “But that does not mean that we are no more films to go. J. J. Abrams is busy with Episode IX, and there will be new saga’s developed we have not much about writing.”

Disney discussing internally the future of the franchise. “We are now at the point that we make decisions going to worry about what is to come after the film of J. J. We are going to in any case something to be more careful in the volume and the planning.”

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