Alec Baldwin returns as the Trump in SNL

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Alec Baldwin

“I have a lot of fun,” said Baldwin about his role in the satirical television program. “We’re all good friends and I like to be there. If the show is good, nothing can beat that. I do think that sometimes, I’m going to do, not too often,” said the actor, referring to his performance as a Trump in the show. “Because I think that otherwise, there would be soon a kind of fatigue occurs.”

There was a time to doubt or Baldwin, however, would return with his hilarious rendition of the American president. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in march, the actor that the play of Trump every time is a tough job for him. “Every time that I play there is an agony. Then I think: I can’t!”, sighed he.

The real Donald Trump responded directly to these words. “Alec, it was an agony for those who were forced to watch”, tweette he. Possible Alec helped by this response, decided to once again be in the skin of ’The Donald’ to crawl.

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