Affected school in Oss, open again the doors

a9907ecd7b01a7def59f509d7c930d6b - Affected school in Oss, open again the doors

Primary school De Korenaer in the Dutch Oss, the doors re-opened for the students. The school today has a custom program, that begins with a joint meeting for all parents and the approximately four hundred school children. The school is victims.

All five of the children that Thursday were involved in the accident with the electric beach trolley hire (stint) were on The Korenaer. At the school, there is the flag at half mast. In the schoolyard his flowers and cuddly toys laid out. Parents and children braving the pouring rain to get there, just stand still.

‘My teacher had yesterday as crying’, telling a ten-year-old pupil of the school. ‘Then there came later another teacher who we did not know.’

Also today, according to scholenstichting TOGETHER, where The Korenaer, teachers from other schools ready to take their colleagues to help. ‘Temporary cover, people who are actually not on Friday work, everyone has reported to help if needed.”

The school is in a wooded area has several inputs. That Friday all ended for others in the school community. After the joint meeting to talk to the children in their own group about what happened. They may also write letters or make drawings for their affected schoolgenootjes. That get later a good place, says the school management. Parents can stay together in a separate room.

Also at the train station Oss West is a sea of flowers. The municipality of Oss has Friday morning tents placed above the flowers. That is according to a supervisor, done because of the rain. The memorial place is near the railroad crossing where Thursday a train ride the electric cargo bike aanreed.


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