What is an electric beach trolley hire?

The four children that sat night died on a level crossing in the Dutch Oss, were transported in a Stint, an electric beach trolley hire.

The Stint is an electrically powered cart that was designed specifically for the out-of-school care. Dutch design has a capacity of ten children from 4 to 12 years and is equipped with seatbelts.

The carts are typically used for children on ‘an efficient and secure way to transport of out-of-school childcare to school and back, according to the website of Stint. Dutch kinderopvangorganisaties are responsible for the transport of the children to the school. The carts are a solution for the back and drive away with cars, or inefficient taxi industry. The beach trolley hire is also larger than the electric bike. There may also be a cover to be placed to keep it dry.

The electric bolderkarren, governed by a pedagogical employee, are on the rise in the Netherlands. Currently, there is some 3,000 carts around. Also in Belgium driving Stints around. It is currently not clear or nurseries they use. The Stints can also be used, for example, parcels to deliver.

The Stint is in the verkeerscategorie ‘special motorcycle’. After a short course, everyone from sixteen years it drive. A helmet, driver’s license or license plate are not required. The carts have a range of about 25 kilometers and weigh 218 pounds. The electric beach trolley hire has a maximum speed of seventeen kilometers per hour.

Director Edwin Renzen of the company from Bilthoven is the location of the accident traveled. He was wed night, not yet reached for comment, report several Dutch media.

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