Veerbootramp in Victoria, dozens of deaths

15a7835e498d4712db620c6b25de887b - Veerbootramp in Victoria, dozens of deaths

DAR ES SALAAM – more than forty people to the life come after a ferry capsized on lake Victoria in northern Tanzania. Hundreds of people are still missing. The Tanzanian government fears that there are more than two hundred people were drowned.

The search for the drowning is now discontinued and is Friday at sunrise resumed, notify the commissioner of the district of Ukerewe, where the disaster took place.

Local authorities are reporting on the BBC that the ship was overloaded was and more than four hundred people on board. More than a hundred passengers would have been saved. It is difficult to count the number of passengers on board to identify because the person who the tickets sold also drowned.

The boat sank shortly after leaving the dock, reported the operator of the ferry.

Accidents involving overcrowded boats often appear in the waters of lake Victoria, the largest lake of Africa. It is located between Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. In 1996, more than eight hundred people to the life on the lake when the MV Bukoba capsized. It was one of the largest scheepsrampen of the previous century.

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