Thomas Toll will oeuvre-award Buma

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Band Without a Name, with, from left, Thomas Tol, Jan Keizer, Jan Tuijp, Annie Painter, Jack Veerman, Cees Tol.

The 67-year-old Tol was known as a keyboardist of BZN and gained fame as a composer. He wrote hits for, among others, BZN, Annie Schilder en Jan Smit, including When the morning has come. The jury called his work ” not only extensive but also extremely successful.

“His talent and work is characterized by two unique aspects. First of all, he understands like no other what music speaks to the imagination of large groups of people in different age groups. These are the many dozens of hits, his hand is the best proof of that. In addition, he is unquestionably the founder of the so-called palingsound; the characteristic ’Band sound’ which, among other BZN famous would be,” said the jury.

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