Temptation-Tim is love of life already lost

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“There was jealousy in the game,” says Tim on the Flemish TV Family. “A lot of ladies want with me on the photo, and that upsets Rani. That was not allowed. While they themselves went out with other guys and then sensually with them, danced.” According to Tim, he is not deceived by the Rani, but was not much. “There are, however, things happened… I got pictures sent to which Rani so it’s really intimate and was about to dance with other men. Punishment, right? Because she is very jealous.”

No serious love

Although Tim strongly hoped to finally have the true to have found, the relationship was still very early. He tells them that they only have a few days together when he his new love announced. “We had already called a time contact via sms. Rani lives 95 miles from my origin. For love is no distance to me, but there must be a real click. I think it is very soon from both sides it was clear that there was no serious love in it. From the moment that we really have a physical relationship had begun, not only through text and Facebook, it just changed.”

Although he is at this moment no woman has found, he leaves through Instagram to know to know what true love is. “True love is a dogs love!”, he writes in a collage of pictures of him and his dog.

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