Second single, for A

fa629168fc9eb205b7c9c681a728a992 - Second single, for A

Since Saturday march 3, 2018, Flanders is a male vocalist duo richer. Jens and Jonathan Wouters came that night with their debut single “My Obsession” on the court and got the name Bruurs. Before that they performed already as a vocalist duo Jens & Jonathan.
For the youngest, Jonathan, it all started at the age of 14 by his participation on The Voice Kids in 2014. Of the many entries he came in the top 12 and got Jonathan in the battles. The one-year-old Jens was given after the participation at The Voice Kids of his brother but also the muziekmicrobe to address. Remained with him at practice in the house, to Jonathan this happen to be heard, and ascertained that his brother could sing. In a surprising performance proved to the audience also for him to taste. When A takes on Jens especially the second voice.

Both brothers are very proud of their debut single “My Obsession”, which at Ment Tv, a middle-rotation got. “Yes, that’s you” there was a more than worthy successor is chosen. Now the summer is over, these young guys the time to about a vakantieliefde to sing. This new original single was recorded at Artsound Studio of J. P. Kerkhofs. Both text and music are from the hand of Johan de Maeyer.

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