Ruud De Ridder: “this I had never expected”

Ruud De Ridder: "this I had never expected"

‘My life is a succession of things that I never would have expected. I had never expected that I have a book to write, never expected that I actually would write. Although, that last is not quite true. I would write was actually already quite fast for me written in the stars. The stars… They are to me, to my feeling, is always favorable. They were in the right place to help me, to my happiness. Because luck I have had, more than once.’

In This I had never expected, says Ruud De Ridder candid about his life. Of course, the birth of the real Antwaarps teater an important role, but also the early days of VTM with successful series like Bompa and Three men under one roof come to the fore. At the same time gives the author the reader a glimpse into his personal life from his childhood to today.

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