Paul McCartney: “New version of Let It Be movie on arrival”

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In an interview with the Candese radio station Radio X alluded to ex-Beatle Paul McCartney on a new release of the film “Let It Be” in 2020 to mark the fiftieth anniversary to celebrate. It would not go to a re-release, but the “a new version”, says McCartney.

In the film, which originally appeared in 1970, the recordings of the legendary last Beatles album “Let It Be”. It also contains iconic images of the last show ever of the group on the roof of Apple Corps in London in January 1969.

In the radio interview showed McCarney know that there are plans to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the film to celebrate with a new release in 2020. The ex-Beatle, stressed that: “according to the latest rumors,” the new release never-before-seen images should contain.

“We continue to talk about a re-release. It is one of those things where you never really know what will happen. There is currently no final decision. But I keep wondering what will happen, because people told me to keep asking.”

“I will say what I think will happen,” continued McCartney. “I think that there is a new version will come. That are at least the latest rumors. There is a lot of footage and when the original movie came out, it meant pretty much the end of The Beatles. So personally, I have no memories of the film. But I know that people are the images under the microscope to take – there’s about 56 hours of recordings. And someone said to me yesterday: ‘The dominant feeling is very cheerful. It is about a group of guys who make music and have fun.’ So I think that calls for a new film, a kind of reworking of the original with the same footage. We can make a new movie. So who knows, maybe it will be within two years.”

The film has been around since the 80s not to purchase. Plans for a new release in 2008 turned to nothing after a refusal of McCartney, and Ringo Starr.

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