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Official: Red Devils again number 1 in the world, with a 0.13 points over world champion

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The Red Devils are in the new FIFA rankings on Thursday once again the number one of the world. Belgium has held the top spot on the podium previously from november 2015 to march 2016. The Belgians have a very narrow lead over France. The world champion led the previous ranking, but should now be the Red Devils voorlaten with a 0.13 points.

After the historical third place at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia rose Eden Hazard and co in the standings to second place. Since then, the team of coach Roberto Martinez two games. The Devils won a friendly in Scotland with spacious 0-4, then in the first match of the Nations League also Iceland (0-3) easily beaten. Those victories should be enough for Belgium to once again first in the world.

The Belgians tasted three years ago, a few months in the first place. After the kwalificatiecampagne for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS 2016 in France, the team of former coach Marc Wilmots in november 2015 the number 1. The Devils held this position until march 2016, after which, in april of that year Argentina again took over. Since then kept Belgium consistently place in the top 10, but the first place was there no more.

Since the creation of the classification carried just seven other countries on the list. Germany (in 1993, the first country at the top), Brazil, Italy, France, Argentina and Spain exchanged each other through the years, frequently as number 1. In August 2011, in the Netherlands as the best country of the world. Belgium and the Netherlands are the two sole leaders that never the world title conquered.

The following two commands from the Devils, the second game in the Nations League at home against Switzerland (12/10) and a oefenderby against the Netherlands (16/10). In 2018, following two more parties in the Nations League: at home against Iceland (15/11) and in Switzerland (18/11).

The FIFA ranking on Thursday 20 september (between brackets the ranking at 16 August):

1. (2) BELGIUM 1729,25 points

2. (1) France 1729,12

3. (3) Brazil 1663

4. (4) Croatia 1634

5. (5) Uruguay 1632

6. (6) England 1612

7. (7) Portugal 1606

8. (8) Switzerland 1598

9. (9) Spain 1597

10. (9) Denmark 1581

11.(11) Argentina 1575

12.(12) Chile 1568,42

13.(15) Germany 1567,70

14.(14) Colombia 1567

15.(13) Sweden 1550,31

16.(16) Mexico 1550,12

17.(17) the Netherlands 1540

18.(18) Poland 1537

19.(19) Wales 1536

20.(21) Italy 1526

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