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New director James Bond known

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Cary Fukunaga is the new James Bond film directing. He replaces Danny Boyle, who previously resigned.

Cary Fukunaga, known as a director of the first season of the detectivereeks True Detective and Netflix movie Beasts of no Nation, takes the reins of the 25th James Bond movie.

“His versatility, and innovation make him an excellent choice for us, according to James Bond adventure,” say the producers Wilson and Broccoli.

In march 2019 to start the recording of the new Bond film with Daniel Craig. The release is scheduled for 14 February 2020. This makes the film only three months delay.

There would be different directors have spoken to the director of Danny Boyle to take over, among whom Christopher McQuarrie and Denis Villeneuve. Boyle got in August as a director due to ‘creative differences’. Mainly the script would be a point of contention.

In place of Boyle now takes Fukunaga after Skyfall and Spectre the helm of Sam Mendes.

The 41-year-old director made in 2009, his debut with Sin Nombre. For Beasts of no Nation, with Idris Elba, he was nominated for a Golden Globe. Soon, his last project Maniac on Netflix, a series with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

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