Nelly Frijda has no regrets Ma Flodder

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Nelly Frijda as Ma Flodder.

“I knew, of course, in advance: if that a success would be, you’re fucked, I would almost say it,” she laughs. “But I found no reason not to do it. And I have also a lot of fun, because everything could.” Frijda began her career in the fifties as a model for painters; after that, she reported for the school. “But there I was thrown off because of the lack of talent and lack of imagination. That last I found actually the worst, since I have for years ago.”

Frijda knew however what they wanted and went to auditions; in 1954, she was adopted by Wim for his cabaret. “I’ve never daring to question what he actually saw me”, she reveals. In addition, played the actress in countless musicals and plays, such as Oliver and Anne Frank. “It was very fun to do: work hard for very little money.”


The uncertainty remained, she reveals, in spite of all the prices. She was never a Golden Calf, but colleagues and friends gave her a fake Calf. “Of all the people who did wrong were that I never had.” The actress played her last roles for almost ten years ago, in the presentation of My Home! by Paul Haenen and the musical Yab Yum. “Acting, I still find it fun”, she reveals. “It is nice to see you delve into a different character and a living person. And if that works, then you are proud of that.”

Flodder by director Dick Maas, is about an antisocial family that a house in a residential area, is one of the most successful Dutch film and television series of all time. The first film of 1986, which attracted 2.5 million visitors, an absolute record. There were two filmvervolgen and five series. Also are there still plans for a musical.

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